Too Much Government.

Saw this today. I think it is important for more people to read this.

Most bad government pix
Mr Obama,

You are the “leader of the world” but, you are a fool. You draw a red line for Syria and you bluffed. You say that Iran will not get nuclear bombs, and Israel is going to clean up your mess. The middle east is on fire and you are backing the terrorists. The rest of the world thinks you are a laughingstock and a liar. You have really done it by disrespecting our fallen heroes. No president or respectable leader would not allow their dead to be buried. This is the biggest “F-You” ever to our military and their families. My heart hurts for my country, but even more for the families of our military. Congress may not agree with you and your policies but most of our soldiers are not even 25 years old. They have young families and are not even very political. They volunteered to serve their nation, and no one would ever think that politics would be used to disgrace their service. I maybe rambling but you have hurt the nation. You wanted to make the budget battle hurt. You have. I have no idea how to end this letter to you Obama. I can only hope that you and your colleagues in Washington wake up and do what is right for this country before the situation gets worse. Thank you to our soldiers and their families.

Wow, I wonder if he will ever read this.

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