Things That Are Sabotaging Your Weight-Loss

So THAT’S why the scale won’t budge.


If you’ve tried every diet trick in every diet book and fat still clings to you like white on rice, it’s easy to think you’re just not meant for skinny jeans, like me. But like a lot of “slimming” food, weight-loss advice isn’t always fit for consumption. A recent study found there’s little data to back up some popular pound-shedding tactics. Which explains why many women heeding such techniques end up throwing in the towel instead of reaching their goals.

Hey, don’t feel bad. We’ve fallen for some of these ourselves in the past. And while we’re always advocates of whatever—healthy!—trim-down methods work for you, keep an eye out for strategies that might be secretly thwarting your attempts to shift the scale.

The Lie: You Should Take It (Off) Slow

Reality: Yes, rapid weight loss can lead to the dreaded yo-yo effect. But your diet doesn’t need to crawl along at the oft-touted half-pound-per-week rate—or even stick to a steady pace.  As long as you’re going about it in a safe way, it’s fine to drop five pounds in one week and lose only one pound in another. Bonus news for speed demons: Research shows that working with a tighter deadline can actually increase motivation. When overweight dieters were tasked with losing 15 percent of their body weight in either 12 or 36 weeks, 80 percent of people with the shorter time frame were successful, versus just 50 percent of those on the slower schedule.


The Lie: Drinking Water Prevents Overeating

Reality: The more H2O in your stomach, the less room for grub…right? Not exactly, says Barbara Rolls, Ph.D., a nutritional science professor at Penn State University. Water doesn’t trigger your satiety sensors the same way food does, and even if it did, you pee the stuff out pretty quickly. Without the bulk of digestion-slowing fiber, you’ll likely swallow just as many calories. Instead of straight glugging pre-meal, aim to eat more foods that are rich in fiber and water, a combo that will help keep you full. Rolls suggests a 150- to 200-calorie snack like an apple or cup of broth-based soup before your main course. “Our research proves this will help you consume 20 percent fewer total calories,” she says.

The Lie: The Fewer Calories, the Better

Reality: It’s true that you need to drop calories to drop pounds. But one of the main reasons people hit weight-loss plateaus is because eating too little can slow down the calorie-torching furnace known as your metabolism. And hunger pangs may interfere with the process that transforms white fat (the unhealthy kind that ups your risk for heart disease) into brown fat (the good-for-you type that—yesss—helps burn calories), per research from Yale School of Medicine. Make sure you’re getting at least 1,200 calories every day, and never skip meals—doing so can also affect blood-glucose levels and send your appetite on a raging roller coaster that’s ultimately more likely to cause you to overeat. Try replacing 1 meal per day is a Shakeology shake. It will give you all your daily nutrients. 70 important ingredient in one shake. I replace breakfast or lunch.

meal in a SHAKE

The Number 1 Reason You’re Not Achieving Your Weight-Loss Goal

Who hasn’t set out to achieve a weight-loss goal—whether it’s to drop those last five pounds or look great in a specific little black dress—but not followed through? We hate to break it to you, but there was a problem with your previous approach: Your goal, while admirable, wasn’t specific or actionable enough. What you really need are smaller, easier-to-follow targets.

Let me share what I have learn from being a Beachbody Coach that will help you lose those extra pounds in no time.

1.  I Will use my portion control containers..

This is a specific and achievable goal to write down because it states exactly how you are going to achieve eating more vegetables without being too broad by just saying, ‘eat more veggies, By giving yourself a specific amount and a visual way to set up a plate—you’ve given yourself a concrete way to put that plan in motion and achieve that goal.

meal plans

2. I Will Exercise Five Times a Week…

Yes, when you’re ready to lose weight, well, yesterday, it’s tempting to scratch out the word “three” and replace it with “Five.” But that’s probably unrealistic—and simply ‘exercise more’ is too broad. Planning to exercise Five days a week is realistic yet flexible enough to work with when your life demands of family, work, errands, etc.  Beachbody gives you the ability to exercise in the comfort of your own home on your time schedule.  Whether you are using your exercise DVDs (Exercise levels for every fitness level)  or going to a brisk walk. (Does Rex need a good walk? Then take your furry friend, he could could use the exercise)

3. I Won’t Drink More Than Twice a Week—And I’ll Only Have Two Drinks Each Time…

You sip more calories than you likely realize with every glass of wine. “A great goal to help with weight loss is to drink less alcohol. But in order to achieve it, you’ll want to specify exactly how many drinks you will have and how many nights a week you will have them. Again, it is all about the concrete numbers to visualize and commit to. Beachbody gives you the ability to substitute with their easy to use guides.

4. When I Crave Soda or Juice, I’ll Drink Water Instead…

Drinking more water during the day and cutting out juices and sodas will help promote healthy weight loss. A great goal is to aim for eight to 10 glasses of water a day because not only will you stay hydrated, but you are also aiming for a specific number of glasses, making it easy to know when you have accomplished that’s day’s goal. And by focusing on H2O, you’ll automatically take in less of the surgery stuff—win-win.

5.  Don’t eat after 6:30 PM.  (if you go to bed at 10:30 PM)

Or at least 4 hours before bed. Doctors will tell you that the food doesn’t have a chance to start burning up..if you eat close to bedtime.

6.  I’ll Log Eight Hours of Sleep Each Night…

When you’re conked out, your body is still hard at work. A good night’s sleep is a big contributor when it comes to successful weight loss and maintenance, and it is often the most overlooked. Aim for eight hours of sleep a night, but if that seems too unrealistic, then the smaller, more attainable goal of going to bed 30 minutes earlier every night.

7.  Support Groups…

With Beachbody you get accountability and support groups.

Thank you for reading.

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