Technology And Your Children At School

Technology And Your Children At School


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I have been thinking on this subject for awhile now. As my grandson gets older he using more and more tech for his school work. I have mixed feeling on the subject. Being of the older generation where our computers were as big as a closet.. and in high school was in the basement. I might be out of touch.

My goal is to figure out for myself and others if Technology is good in the school system.

My grandson start last year using it part time. This year it seems he is using it for everything.  My grandson and I were talking about it over the weekend since he has summer work to do that has to be turned in at the beginning of the school year. Math and reading.

I have to say watching him do his work was scary. His handwriting is terrible and he no longer wants to do anything on a piece of paper.  He had math problems to do where he has to show how he got to his answer. OMG it was like pulling teeth to explain to him that he had to use a piece of paper and had to write down the whole process. He kept saying he knew the answer but couldn’t write out the process. “Did it in his head” he said.. I tried to tell him that he had to follow the instructions which said to show your work.  When we went back and re did the problems, we found out that 1/2 were not correct and had to start again. He has gotten lazy.  That was the math for the week.

Then we got to the reading. One book was required reading an another was one he gets to pick from a list.  The required reading was one he had already read should be easy right? No.. Being his Mom-Mom I did not want to spend the whole week fighting with him.. So let him do it his way. He highlighted, he says the important things from each chapter. Of course all done on his IPad. So, do I know if he just went through and highlighted important stuff or just highlighted to get it done. Sad, I have a grandson that hates to read.. Says it is boring.. more into that in another article.

Are the benefits outweighing the downsides of potentially excessive use of these devices by younger and younger children?

Kids their tech tools, but I worry about the possible effects of electromagnetic radiation, and about the way in which time spent with these devices takes away from time they could be spending in more active pursuits. I also see skills and learning coming from their use of these tools. While I am clearly an advocate of technology, I also recognize that there are down sides and trade-offs that come with these advances.

Are digital devices plugging our children into experiences that actually fuel their creativity and make them consider the world beyond their neighborhood or are they robbing our children of some of the joys of childhood? A rewarding childhood should include experiences like climbing trees, playing tag, selling lemonade and daydreaming – are these still quintessential experiences for many of today’s youth or are they too glued to their small screens to partake in these types of activities?

Let’s consider some of the pros and cons of the digital age as it reflects in the developing hands and minds of today’s young people.

PROS include …

Smartphones Can Give Parents Some Piece of Mind

Want to know where your child is at all times? Give them a smart phone. You can call or text your child to confirm their whereabouts. Many smart phones also contain GPS tracking that can be activated to specify the phone’s exact location.

Every School Supply List Should Include a Computer

The reality is, a computer has become necessary to complete many homework assignments.  Students are required to research a topic, and sometimes the most current and accurate data is found online.

There’s an Awe-Inspiring Online World to Discover

The Information Age is a glorious gift to the curious child in many ways. Learn how to knit –  Identify the plants growing in the backyard – Research the family tree – Visit the depths of the ocean or the peak of the world’s tallest mountain without leaving the couch! Your child’s fondness for the search field may lead to real-life adventures later on.

Socialization & Social Learning

While this argument can go both ways (for example, the ‘heads down’ nature of kids walking around staring at their cell phones has a rather unsocial aspect to it), there is surely a strong element of socialization to many of the apps that young people use.

CONS include …

Health Risks Associated with Digital Device Usage

Keeping the kids busy during a long car ride is a cinch thanks to digital devices that will play apps, games, music, movies and TV shows. But children often wear earbuds and headphones, and in doing so, risk irreversible eardrum damage if the volume is too loud. Further, the EPA confirms that computer screens emit low levels of x-ray radiation. While there is no evidence that this radiation results in health problems, the EPA also advises that you limit your child’s time with a computer or tablet in on their laps and in front of their faces. And because enjoying digital devices tends to be a sedentary pastime, children may be more susceptible to weight gain.  There is also a step-back for human contact.

Exposure to Child Predators and Inappropriate Content

Many parents set limits on Internet use, and employ security and privacy features to protect their children. However, children can still find their way into an online chat room with strangers or click on an enticing ad that links to inappropriate content. Monitoring your child’s online activities is time-consuming, but imperative.

Once Posted, Always Online

Children don’t always understand that their online activities are permanent. Worse, their poor judgment could lead to serious, and sometimes criminal, consequences. Before allowing children online, parents should discuss the cyber dangers of bullying, illegal downloading, and texting.

Digital Devices May Be a Mind-Numbing Distraction

While plenty of children use their digital devices to download books, most are likely using their electronics to text friends, play apps or watch videos. Some argue that this technology overload is actually disconnecting our children – from nature, play and people. Step-back for human contact.

Laziness in Studying

Computers make is so easy to find answers that students barely have to look for them. This may result in them having poor study habits and developing a lazy attitude toward their education.

Forgetting the Basic Way of Studying

They would no longer rely on the books that are lent by their teachers for them to study since they are already interested to study using the computer. Even simple problems and homework that they need to answer, they are more of seeking the assistance of computers already.

Forgetting spelling, grammar, handwriting and fine motor skills.

Using computers everyday for every assignment leads to un learning things they should know.  Spelling, grammar, and handwriting!  Many Schools have taken the easy way out also. They no longer have to read children’s sloppy handwriting, figure out what the child was trying to say because the computer auto corrects for them.

Discovering Unusual Things in the Computer

Allowing the students to surf the internet doesn’t necessarily mean that all the things that they are going to discover are good for their mind and studies. There are several things that are found in the internet which are not good for the students hence they need to be properly guided by their teachers and parents every time they are going to use the computer.

Technology in education plays an important role in the study habits and skills of your child. But, you need to make sure that you are going to be very careful in allowing them to use their computer and surf the internet for them to avoid discovering things that are not part of their studies. It is always important to let them used some of these technology in education as often as it is in order to prevent forgetting the basic way of studying.






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