Obesity in America and Around the World. ~ Part 2

    Eat Real Food

Eat Real Food
Eat Real Food


This article will take you on the journey that I have been researching, from thermodynamics and peanuts under Bunsen burners to obesity organizations sponsored by food manufacturers and carbohydrates being confused with fats. Out of an illogical assumption that people have made themselves obese (when this is the last thing that they want to be), through being greedy and lazy, may come a different logical conclusion that our current diet advice  a) doesn’t work and  b) worse – that it is actually the cause of the obesity epidemic that it is supposed to cure.

The final part of these articles looks at what needs to happen to reverse the obesity epidemic. This can be achieved, but crises require major interventions, not the same things done in a different way. One definition of madness is doing the same thing again and again and expecting a different result. Revolutionary change will not be achieved with the American Fight against Obesity campaign by Michelle Obama, for example, advising people to have a banana instead of a bag of chips. Swapping one starch for another is going to make no difference to the obesity epidemic. Some of the proposals may appear extreme, but, if they do, how does “90% of today’s children being overweight or obese by 2050” sound?

There is so much conflicting information about diets and nutrition, and the public is rightly confused and mistrustful of current advice. The same conflict can arise to which I return for grounding every time I find myself questioning issues.

1) I believe that nature knows how to feed humans better than food manufacturers. Nature has no vested interest, no profit to be made from us and no reason to provide us with anything other than nutritious food. I believe that the human race must return to eating food in the form closest to that provided by nature: meat, eggs and dairy from naturally reared animals; fish and beef; vegetables and salads; nuts and seeds; fruits and whole grains. I call this real food.

2) I believe that the job description of the human body is to keep itself alive. Under normal circumstances, the human body will not do anything that is intended to kill us.

I have a one in four chance that you, the reader, are obese. I have a two in three chance that you are overweight. Given your interest in the subject matter.  If I can prove to you that eat less and do more has never worked and will never work – are you prepared to consider an alternative that will? For yourself,  your patients or for our children facing a fat future?

Look for answers starting in chapter 1

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