Gas Prices and the Enconomy?

Gas prices have never been higher at this time of year. Americans are already feeling the pinch – paying higher prices for everything from gas to groceries and now economists warn that the price spike could jeopardize the already lagging economic recovery.

American’s love of cars is running into a speed bump as gas prices rise toward the $5 mark in some areas. Unfortunately, consumers’ paychecks are either remaining static or declining. To save at the pump, consumers are required to be creative at meeting their goals while simultaneously saving money.

You have to wonder if the Americans that have a job will be able to afford to get to work. Will most of their paychecks go to buying gas?

American are cutting back on important things like groceries and medications,  just to pay for gas. After all they have to go to work. They are also eating less healthy because the price of fresh produce and meats have gotten higher. It is a terrible circle.

There seems almost no benefit to the rising gas prices. Unless of course you are the one who (a) owns the oil or (b) owns a lot of stock in the oil companies. For the majority of Americans, rising gas prices mean less money in their wallet as the tank continues to guzzle the fuel.

President Obama has opposed every effort by the oil and gas industry to increase American energy production at every turn; from his refusal to back bipartisan house – passed energy bills, to his rejection of the Keystone XL pipeline. American are paying the price every time they fill up. With gas prices on the rise and Americans struggling, it is time for Senate Democrats to quit playing politics and work with Republicans to help address this issues and create jobs by passing these American energy initiative bills including the Keystone XL pipeline.

Every move that Obama makes is political. His thought process is how many votes do I get if I do this – or that. It seems he could care less about “Joe the Plumber.”

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