Empty Nester’s ~ Now What?

Empty Nester’s ~ Now What?

If you’ve made it this far in your life, well, congratulations. No more waking up early on weekdays to make sure your teenagers will make it to school; no more arguments with a 12 year old daughter about how they’re the only girl without pierced ears. While there are both benefits and disappointments that come with your children moving out, it’s an excellent opportunity to make changes in your life and refocus on the dreams and goals you had before the insanity of raising children to adulthood. If you planned right and pushed to succeed in your younger days, the “empty nester” years ahead are a period of celebration and relaxation.   Are you excited? ~

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Not all of us are ready emotionally to move ahead. My mission with this section of my website is to help others and learn how others have copied with the Empty Nest Syndrome. For some it can be a real problem. From the day the last child moves away, whether it is off to college or just off on their own. There is a whole new learning curve.  Are you sad/depressed and lost?  ~


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