Are You Entitled To My Money? Part 1

Are You Entitled to My Money? Part 1

“All men are equal, but some are more equal than other’s”. Orwell’s observation of equality of man is as true today as when he wrote it over a century ago.

All men may be created equal but they sure don’t stay that way for long. Some people meet with success and are permitted to amass great wealth. Some take comfort in mediocrity and are permitted to live comfortably. Still others embrace failure and have a hard time making ends meet.

In a capitalistic society, success is largely measured by a person’s wealth. The more useful to society you are, the more you can make. If you find a “need” or are useful in society and find a way to fulfill that need you can count on being rewarded. On the other hand, if you can’t find a way to contribute to “society”, society will reward you accordingly.

There are those that believe that this system is vastly unfair. they believe that no one person can be more important that another and that every person is an integral part of society. We call these people Liberals. The Liberals take Thomas Jefferson’s premise of equality to mean that all men are equal. Equal in every possible way, mentally, physically and most importantly economically.  If they find inequity no matter how small they see it as their job to make them equal.

The primary motivation behind the Liberal economic idea is that the poor are too poor and the rich are too rich. They see a world in which the wealthy make their wealth on the backs of the poor. The unfortunate ones are doomed to a life of homelessness, starvation and criminality. A true free market society is full of inequity. Those who figure out how to get it, get it and those who don’t are mad a hell. Above all of this chaos they see Government – a knight in shinning armor. They believe that the government – the largest corporation in the country should step into the capitalistic fray and bring equality to everyone’s wealth. A all powerful entity that taxes the rich in order to feed the poor.

There are various levels of socialist thought, from the die-hard communists to progressive liberals.The methods for achieving economic utopia vary from group to group. They all employ the same basic principles. They all want to use the power of the government to take goods and services from the wealthy and transfer their plunder to the poor, striving toward economic equality.

Every nation in the world has toyed with socialist concepts. Some of the poorest nations decided to base their entire government on Marxists theory, we call them communist. In these countries, there is no “private” ownership of property, everything is owned by the state. All businesses had to remain small, since it was illegal for any private citizen to “enslave” a fellow citizen through employment. Businesses had to be owned by family and employee only family.

The wealthier industrialized nations opted to enact some of these “redistribution” schemes to help patch-up the flaws in their free-market economies which hopefully will be enough to keep their subjects from revolting. These “social democracies” use government to impose tax schemes which rake in cash from the people that have and use this money to create government programs to give the voters…I mean….the ones that don’t have.

Today socialism dominates the political discussion in every free society. As a result, there exists in each country two political parties. One that favors increasing the number of handouts and the other opposes them.
The policy’s of each nation may vary but the versions of these two parties can be found in every democratic country. A “conservative” party that seeks to maintain the “capitalistic” system and the “liberal” party that pushes the system slowly towards “socialism”.

The crux of the argument between the two economic theories are the “left” (socialist) believe that the poor deserve more, and the “right” (capitalist) believe that those who do the most work deserve the most profit.

We have heard both sides of the argument time and time again. The Democrats argue in favor of increasing minimum wage and Republicans counter that it will raise the cost of products. The Democrats argue that we need to create more programs to help the poor and the Republicans counter that we shouldn’t be taxing our citizens to death. The Republicans want to eliminate the death tax since it destroys businesses and the Democrats want to keep it because it eliminates “family wealth” and allows them to redistribute this wealth to the masses.

Part 1 …..look for more in the coming days. I think it will be a 4 part blog.  Commends welcome!

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