Are Public schools going to hell?

There is quit a double standred in the public school system.  We allow our children in second grade and up to learn about sex education. Whatever happened to that being up to the parent to decide when and where our children need to learn about sex.  Have you stopped to look at what our children are really learning in school. There shouldn’t be any time in the school day to teach sex ed. Our children are not learning to read and write. Did you know that some school are going to stop teaching children cursive writing skills.

Cursive is not included in the so-called common core standards, which will govern teaching and lesson plans in 46 states beginning next year, leaving states free to shift away from a subject taught for centuries. Hawaii and Indiana have already dropped it.

With technology pervasive in society and fewer documents that need a cursive signature, some educators say there is no need to bother kids with the tedious, time-consuming lessons on cursive. They argue that we soon may no longer need to sign our names on legal documents or credit card receipts; a scan of our eyeballs or a thumbprint may be all that is needed to identify us.

Cursive writing is a matter of discipline and training in our culture. Is it necessary to the future of sustaining our culture and our understanding of our past? I believe cursive is going to be taught because cursive has to be read. Count me among the old-fashioned who think you should learn a foreign language, you should learn cursive and you should learn typing.  George Washington cultivated a particular signature. It is a very considered signature. That became part of his identity. It would be a tragic loss to not teach penmanship.

Not important. They won’t even know how to sign their name.

Look for the continuation in the coming days.

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